The Boogie Hustlers - True Colors CD


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Recorded in a rustic cabin in the woods of PA, the band locked in and made a record of life and love and turmoil and hope. Horn arrangements by Reggie Watkins, former arranger for Maynard Ferguson, blend the trademark R&B soul of the band with jazz integrity. The band’s dual-vocal interplay shines throughout, each voice serving as inspiration and counterpoint to the other. Fans of the group’s barnstorming live soul workouts will find themselves grooving to this tightly crafted studio LP.

1- Don't Stop Believin' mp3
2- Adidas mp3
3- Why? mp3
4- Indefinable mp3
5- Love Letters mp3
6- The Promise mp3
7- Freedom mp3
8- PS mp3
9- Make Me Strong
10- Warm Breeze
11- Whenever Wherever Pt. 1
12- Confusion
13- On the Run
14- Whenever Wherever Pt. 2

Released October 2007