The Blue Method - Kill The Music Vol. 2 CD

The long-awaited follow up to Vol. 1 is here! Do you like your funk raw, dirty and a little dark? From the sweat drenched clubs of Philadelphia comes the Blue Method - a band with so much bottom-end they actually blew their own speakers while previewing this album. Kill the Music Vol. 2 bumps and grinds through dark alleyways and dimly lit nightclubs with a touch of gospel, immense horns and the paramount funk that made their first release a huge hit among music fans everywhere! Those fans are sure to feel the same way about this disc, which reflects the band's recharged and positive outlook on their work.

Songs like the sweltering "Get Back Home" feature robust vocals over swirling 60's-inspired synthesizer and window-shattering bass that's so funky you can't help but jump out the seat you're in. The more pop-oriented "Other Family" is sweet and smooth, with a catchy kicker you'll find yourself singing while stuck in traffic or in the line at the grocery store. Whatever song takes you in for the day, it's undeniable that the Blue Method sound could be the soundtrack for the mood you're in.

1. Get On Intro mp3
2. Devils mp3
3. Other Family mp3
4. Fire It Up mp3
5. Get Back Home (The Bounce) mp3
6. Shine mp3
7. Think A Minute mp3
8. And How Does That Make You mp3
9. Rosa Lane
10. Spinning
11. In The Running
12. Let Me See You
13. Reprise

Released July 2007