The Blue Method - Kill The Music Vol. 1


*Reduced from 12.00*

A mighty funk-soul powerhouse! The light-hearted nature and authentic character of the players sets The Blue Method apart from legions of other funk outfits, and this impressive album showcases their effervescent melodies and wicked musical interplay. Stirring vocals, blazing horn lines, thumping rhythms, and swaggering soul define the sound, but The Blue Method is one of those rare bands that posess a timeless, genuine quality, one that gives the listener something more substantial for their ears than just another funky jam. This is hard-hitting stuff that is not easily forgotten by those who experience it.

1- Jingle (For A Commercial) mp3
2- Haitian Sensation mp3
3- Don't They mp3
4- Sad Thing mp3
5- Backporch mp3
6- Kill The Music mp3
7- Things I'll Do mp3
8- First Plan Of Redemption mp3
9- Pulpit Fiction mp3
10- Something Divine mp3
11- Getonoutro mp3