The Big Wu - Live at Cedar Cultural Center - 3 CDs


*Reduced from $20.00*

A complete Wu show! This show (March 13, 1998, Minneapolis, Minnesota) is widely considered to be one of the best ever. This is a pure bootleg, recorded on a great set of mics, audience-style. This is the closest possible recreation of what the show actually sounded like to the 500 folks who packed the Cedar Cultural Center that night.

Track List:

Disc One:
SET ONE: Acoustic
1- Intro
2- Dark Hollow
3- City of New Orleans
4- On The Road Again
5- All Around The World
6- Dreadful Wind and Rain
7- Diamond Joe
8- Take The World By Storm
9- Last Train
Set 2: electric
10- House of Wu
11- Elani
12- Precious Hands
13- Bird On The Wing
14- Kensington Manor

Disc Two:
Set Two Continued:
1- Minnesota Moon
2- Mister Charlie
3- The Ballad Of Dan Toe
4- Tangled Up In Blue
5- Silcanturnitova
6- Good Lovin'
Set Three Start:
7- "...too high!"
8- Dark Star->
9- Two Person Chair

Disc Three:
Set Three Continued:
1- Kangaroo
2- Gimme A Raise
3- S.O.S.
4- Werewolves of London
5- Red Sky