The Big Wu - Folktales CD


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n FOLKTALES, the Minneapolis-based band draws on wildly diverse elements of rock and blues, folk and bluegrass, even touches of reggae and ska. Like the Allman Brothers Band, Phish and Little Feat, THE BIG WU jams brilliantly on stage. But the foundation of the band and their playing is their strong songwriting. Guitarist Jason Fladager opines, "The thing that really sparkles about THE BIG WU is that we write damn good songs. Our writing might appear to be all over the place, but the ultimate soundis all BIG WU."

FOLKTALES' 10 songs utilize a varied trick bag of sounds,from the straight-ahead rocking of "Angie O'Plasty" to therousing country of "Minnesota Moon," the eloquent ballad "Boxing Day" to the bluegrassy "House of Wu," the hot ska of "Two Person Chair" to the thundering funk and neo-heavy metal pairing of "Oxygen"and "Elani" and the freeform of "S.O.S."

The previous BIG WU release, Live at the Fitzgerald Theatre 4.21.00,on associated label Phoenix Presents, caught the ear of Entertainment Weekly, which included the release this summer in its all-time Top 10 Contemporary Jam Band Albums list.

Track list:
1- Angie O'Plasty
2- Minnesota Moon
3- Boxing Day
4- Two Person Chair
5- Oxygen >
6- Elani
7- Kensington Manor
8- House of Wu
9- S.O.S.
10- Shantytown