Squat - Recycled 1994 - 2004 CD

Squat is a four-piece jazz band based in the Athens/Atlanta area. The band formed while taking jazz improvisation classes under Steve Dancz at the University of Georgia in 1994. The current lineup includes Trey Wright on guitar and piano; Carl Lindberg on bass, percussion and vocals; Tommy Somerville on piano, tenor saxophone, percussion, and vocals; and Darren Stanley on drums and percussion. Musically, Squat is a mostly instrumental ensemble performing originals and standards inspired by a variety of styles including '60's era Blue Note, Bossa Nova, Afro-Cuban, blues, gospel, trip hop, and New Orleans second line.

Since forming in 1994, Squat has toured extensively throughout the Southeast and has toured out west. The band has performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Jazz A Vienne, and the Festival of Sacred Music in Bangaloor, India. Squat has been a four time winner of the best jazz band award at the Flagpole Athens Music Awards (1999-2002). Squat celebrates its 10th anniversary in the fall of 2004 by releasing "Recycled", a compilation of new material recorded with current drummer Darren Stanley and material from the out of print "Placebo" and "Tales" Cds.

1. You Know What I Mean mp3
2. Veggie Cuban mp3
3. Rickshaw mp3
4. Joshua (edit) mp3
5. Slolam mp3
6. Jeshua mp3
7. Just Kinda Waitin' Round mp3
8. Ol' 56 mp3
9. Tooch mp3
10. Walking the Monster Back Home (remix) mp3
11. Ahora mp3
12. Sunday (retrack) mp3
13. Song For Leila mp3

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