Soldiers Of Jah Army - Get Wiser CD


The second full-length album from the VA-based roots outfit Soldiers of Jah Army (SOJA), Get Wiser, absolutely reserves their place in the annals of roots Reggae history. Building on the success of their first album Peace in a Time of War, SOJA have done a great deal of touring in the past year or so, including extended stints to South America. Their diverse sound bears the signs of these myriad influences, including elements of rock-n-roll, hip-hop, Latin rhytms, and of course, pure Roots Rock Reggae. Likewise, their ever-widening fan base covers the spectrum, far beyond simply hardcore Reggae enthusiasts.

Get Wiser reveals a great deal of the growth and maturity one would hope to find in a sophomore release. A variety of styles and sounds abound, with typically melodic arrangements juxtaposed against pure DJ chants and rhymes. Lead singer Jacob Hemphill’s trademark throaty vocals lend an earthy feel, while tight arrangements and dead-on drum and bass energize and move the recording forward. Add some sheer rock guitar riffs and a generous helping of dubbed-out special effects, and you have the recipe for some quality listening.

Standout tracks include the opener “Open my Eyes," the DJ-styled “Faith Works," the purposeful “Strong for Them," the easy bi-lingual stylings of “Can’t Tell Me,” and “911” with its post-apocalyptic message. Wiser features stunning artwork with hand-drawn sketches instead of photos, and an ancient appeal which lends itself nicely to the sound and feel of this group. “Haile” recommended!

-Allie of

1- Open My Eyes mp3
2- By My Side mp3
3- My Life Alone mp3
4- Faith Works mp3
5- What Would...? mp3
6- Strong For Them mp3
7- Can't Tell Me mp3
8- Be Aware mp3
9- I've Got Time mp3
10- Sorry mp3
11- Bring Back Truth mp3
12- You Don't Know Me mp3
13- 911 mp3
14- Devils mp3

Released 4/10/06