SOJA - Born in Babylon CD

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Hailing from Washington D.C. - reggae band SOJA is on the forefront of the reggae revolution. SOJA embodies musicians unlike any other band in any genre of music, to date. Their first album "Soldiers of Jah Army EP" was recorded independently with renowned sound engineer Jim Fox and released at the beginning of 2000. In 2002, SOJA followed with the release of their first full-length album, "Peace in a Time of War." The band then came out with "Get Wiser," their second full-length album in 2006, which debuted in the Top 10 Reggae Albums on iTunes and has remained in the top 100 since its release. In 2008, they released their EP "Stars and Stripes" which contained three new songs and remakes of popular songs. In early 2009, the band released the documentary DVD "SOJA Live in Hawaii: A Marc Carlini Film," showcasing the power and energy of their 2008 Hawaiian tour which included four islands, five cameras, four shows, and everything in between. Now, SOJA has unleashed their third full-length album "Born in Babylon" - the culmination of all past efforts on their label DMV Records.

Track List:
1. Born In Babylon listen
2. Losing My Mind listen
3. Used to Matter listen
4. Bleed Through (feat. Black Boo of Mambo Sauce) listen
5. You and Me (feat. Chris Boomer) listen
6. Don't Forget listen
7. Decide You're Gone listen
8. I Don't Wanna Wait listen
9. I Tried (feat. Gentleman and Tamika) listen
10. Never Ever listen
11. Waking Up listen
12. Summer Breeze listen
13. Thunderstorms listen
14. Here I Am (feat. Marley, Rory, and Eric of Rebelution) listen

Released in 2009