Slightly Stoopid - Acoustic Roots: Live & Direct CD

Slightly Stoopid possesses a unique dynamic. They have the sort of musical kinship that is clearly the result of years spent growing up together in one of Southern California's premiere surf towns and the relentless pursuit of creating the quintessential soundtrack for the lifestyle that exists there. Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald are perfect musical counterparts, complementing each other in the realm of elctric and acoustic rock, reggae, dub, blues, hip-hop, punk and metal. This raw, acoustic offering displays the duo's penchant for lazy reggae vibes and good 'ol stoned shenanigans.

1. Cool Down mp3
2. Fire Shot mp3
3. Devil's Door mp3
4. Sensimilla mp3
5. Souled mp3
6. Couldn't Get High mp3
7. Nico's mp3
8. Mellow Mood mp3
9. Collie-Man mp3
10. Too Little Too Late mp3
11. If This World Were Mine
12. Sun Is Shining
13. Wiseman
14. I Used To Love Her
15. Prophet

Released 2002