Scythian - Live CD

Tracks include old standards like New York Girls, Devil Went Down to Georgia,Wisemaid Set, Gypsy Fiddle, My Son John, Hava Nagila and more!And we introduced some originals as well, with Cubicles and Tylenol,Dance All Night and Hey Mama Ya. 15 tracks in all, recorded in 11different cities - don the dancing shoes and prep the taps for this one!

Track List
1. New Reel listen
2. New York Girls listen
3. Cubicles and Tylenol listen
4. Malabar Train listen
5. Dance All Night listen
6. Wisemaid Set listen
7. Hey Mama Ya listen
8. Gypsy Fiddle listen
9. Devil Went Down to Georgia listen
10. If Ever You Were Mine listen
11. Boyko Dream listen
12. Pirate Day listen
13. My Son John listen
14. Kesh Jigs listen
15. Chava Nagila listen

Released August 2009