Scythian - Immigrant Road Show CD

Scythian (sith-ee-yin) is a charismatic group of first generation immigrants (comprised of brothers and friends), whose music ranges from Gypsy to Celtic with Klezmer and rock in between. The band is widely known for their intense, high-energy shows and dynamic crowd interaction.

Scythian opened for Guster at Summerfest ('07) and Flogging Molly at Shamrockfest ('07): two very different crowds of supporters, with the same result: 75 minutes of sweaty frenzy. Indeed there seems to be no crowd that Scythian is unable to relate to. Be it young or old, of any race, Scythian's eclectic style and charisma break down barriers and strike at people's most fundamental desire let loose and have fun.

The band members are all classically trained, but thrive on the adrenaline rush of high-voltage, energetic music. Matching this love of energy with the classical precision embodied in the music of their ancestry, this self-proclaimed "Immigrant Road Show" produces a unique experience which grabs the attention of everyone within earshot.

The lads chose the name Scythian, which they define as a "bunch of pre-Mesopotamian barbarians who did not use forks or phonics," to describe an essentially nomadic sound that encompasses everything from traditional jigs and reels to contemporary covers.

Josef (Joe) Crosby: Violin/Bass/Vocals
Danylo (Dan) Fedoryka: Rhythm Guitar/Accordion/Vocals
Alexander Fedoryka: Violin/Mandolin/Harmonica/Bass/Vocals
Mike Ounallah: Percussion/Drums

Immigrant Road Show, Scythian's third release, the lads demonstrate their song writing abilities with catchy, danceable tracks such as Highway 81 and Technoccordion, which have Danylo Fedoryka adding a klezmer element to the mix. Drummer Mike Ounallah shows his stuff with impressive drum solos - especially on Kesh Jigs. As always, the dueling fiddles are spot on, and the tempos fast and furious. Fiddler Alex Fedoryka is particularly stunning on Gypsy Fiddle and Stop the Show.

Immigrant Stomp mp3
Hills of Donegal mp3
Jacobites mp3
Highway 81 mp3
Boyko Dream mp3
Tuesday Morning mp3
Final Reel mp3
Technoccordion Stonehenge: Revisited mp3
Kesh Jigs
I Will Go
Stop the Show
Follow Me Up To Carlow
Gypsy Fiddle
Fields of Athenry

Released 2007