Ramsey Lewis - Take Another Look (Deluxe Edition) CD


We're excited to announce Ramsey's July 2015 release, "Ramsey, Taking Another Look --Deluxe Edition". All the great songs from "Taking Another Look" plus 3 additional bonus tracks!

"I've  recorded  maybe  70-80  albums,  and  this  album  is  definitely  among  the  top  five" said Lewis.

First, the legendary Dr. John serves up some Cajun style funk with his rendition of "Jungle Strut" and then up and comers and jazz fusion funksters Kung Fu turn in a mesmerizing version of "Tambura". Finally, TAUK delivers an amazing take on "Sharing Her Journey" that clearly establishes them as a band to watch. These tracks will help reach an audience beyond Ramsey's loyal fan base that includes today's jazz influenced jam band scene.

Track  Listing:
1.  Intimacy
2.  Tambura
3.  Love  Song
4.  Living  for  the  City
5.  Betcha  by  Golly  Wow
6.  To  Know  Her
7.  The  Way  She  Smiles
8.  Jungle  Strut
9.  Sharing  Her  Journey
10.  Sun  Goddess
Bonus  Tracks:
1.  Jungle  Strut  - Dr.  John
2.  Tambura  -- Kung  Fu
3.  Sharing  Her  Journey  - TAUK