Dr. John and the Lower 911 - City That Care Forgot

Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Ani Difranco, Troy Andrews, Terrance Simien and Terence Blanchard join Dr. John and the Lower 911 (Herman Ernest, David Barard, and John Fohl) in this musical paean to Dr. John's beloved New Orleans. This powerful new recording features stirring and thought-provoking songs about the post-Katrina crises in the ravaged jewel of the American South.

1. Keep On Goin' mp3 sample
2. Time For a Change - (featuring Eric Clapton) mp3 sample
3. Promises, Promises - (featuring Willie Nelson) mp3 sample
4. You Might Be Surprised mp3 sample
5. Dream Warrior mp3 sample
6. Black Gold mp3 sample
7. We Gettin' There - (featuring Terence Blanchard) mp3 sample
8. Stripped Away - (featuring Eric Clapton) mp3 sample
9. Say Whut?
10. My People Need a Second Line
11. Land Grab - (featuring Terence Blanchard)
12. City That Care Forgot - (featuring Eric Clapton/Ani DiFranco)
13. Save Out Wetlands
14. Promises, Promises

New Orleans piano legend Dr. John is mad as hell, and he's letting the world know it in no uncertain terms on THE CITY THAT CARE FORGOT. Over swampy, percolating grooves that bear more greasy funk than blues, Dr. John melodically excoriates the U.S. government for leaving his home town in a post-Katrina lurch on tunes like the mournful title track and the Willie Nelson duet "Promises, Promises."

Released June 2008