Quiver - Cup of Gold CD

Hailing from Virginia Beach VA, Quiver is best described as a "Fuse" band. With influences ranging from MMW and Jimmy Smith to Ben Folds Five and Sun Ra Arkestra, it it difficult to pinpoint their sound. Elements of jazz and loose funk intertwine with high energy jams and freestyle blues that usually leaves listeners in a trance. Best known for their live performances, Quiver usually plays to a packed house where you won't find many people sitting down. Here's what people are saying about Quiver and their CD, Cup of Gold.

"...this is truly a pleasant surprise. Straight up jazz/soul/funk/rock. I don't think that cup of gold is large enough fellas, aim higher like a bucket." - Hearsay Magazine

"In a market close to saturated with half-baked cookie-cutter jam bands, it's Quiver's willingness to explore genre diversity yet still keep some semblance of conventional structure witch makes them original. It may also get them to the top." - Flash Magazine

"Damn, damn, DAMN! Man, I love it when I hear a band for the first time and instantly dig the hell out of them. That's what happened with Quiver. I got them good old Quiver vibes bouncing through my body." - Fantastic Voyage System Magazine.

Released in 1997.