Papa Grows Funk - Shakin' CD

The follow up to PGF's critically acclaimed release Doin It, Shakin' ranks with the classic funk recordings in the New Orleans canon by the group's forefathers. By the time this album came out, the students had become the masters.

1- Mutha Funk Ya'll
2- If I...
3- Yakiniku
4- Fish-Eyed Fool
5- House of Love
6- Say B'uh (I Jus' Playin')
7- Soul Second Line
8- Sit on This
9- Rat A Tang Tang
10- Slinky Snake
11- Shakin'
12- Big Wind

"Shakin' Smokes! It's hotter than Crystal Sauce" -- Daily Yomiuri, March 2003

"Gros delivers his finest songwriting to date." -- New Orleans Times-Picayune, March 2003

"Papa Grows Funk is the New School of New Orleans Funk and Shakin' is the kind of album that codifies a band's place in history." -- offBeat, May 2003

Released 2003