Papa Grows Funk - Mr. Patterson's Hat CD

Mr. Patterson's Hat, the new CD from New Orleans' award winning Papa Grows Funk, is a proclamation of post-Katrina New Orleans. The title celebrates those who have returned since Katrina sent the city into a mass exodus and commemorates those who have not yet come home. The real Mr. Patterson is a semi-retired auto mechanic who frequents the Maple Leaf Bar in an uptown neighborhood of New Orleans. He is the elder statesman of Oak Street and has a reputation for being dressed to the nines: pinstriped suit, stylish tie and a derby hat with a feather in the sideband. When the ladies ask him to dance, he only obliges if the band has its groove on. "You might think you're throwing down, but if Mr. Patterson ain't dancin', you ain't groovin'," declares keyboardist/singer John "Papa" Gros. "When you see that hat bobbing up and down and moving side to side, you know you're doing New Orleans music right."

1- Gorillafaceugmopotamus! mp3
2- My Man mp3
3- John Brown mp3
4- Walkin' In Our Own Shoes mp3
5- Gone Gonzo mp3
6- Tootie Montana mp3
7- Go! mp3
8- Mafungo mp3
9- Ride On
10- Slapjack
11- Rite Rite
12- Stanky
13- Walkin' In Our Own Shows (radio edit)

Released 2007