Option 22 - Choose the Music CD

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Option 22 is a progressive Americana/Worldbeat ensemble with a revolutionary vibe. Fierce and passionate female vocals dance atop a healing groove of instruments from around the world including banjo, guitars, didgeridoo, shamisen, djembes and other hand drums. Positive lyrics convey a message of unity and understanding and soulful melodies elevate listeners' consciousness. Dubbed by one listener a "new age jam band," their flavorful style is flexible, ranging from funky and rhythmic sounds to mellow and melodic, with each member bringing into the equation affinities for worldbeat, funk, folk, jamband music, newgrass, trance, reggae and rock. The music has no boundries, and one must listen to the full scope of it to understand, as each song is different. Their full-out drum jams send energy bouncing off the walls of any venue. Another listener dubbed the sound "hippie hop." The only category that truly seems fitting is "Other."

Based in Princeton, West Virginia, Lori McKinney (vocals, drums, djembe, spoken word), Robert Blankenship (guitar, banjo, shamisen, hand-drums, didgeridoo), and Albert Perrone (guitar, hand-drums) have been writing and playing music together since early 2004. Clayton Blankenship (bass) rounded off the mix in 2008. Their songs come fresh from the moment; most of their songs are written from improvisational sessions.

With backgrounds in theater, performance, healing arts (yoga/meditation), and visual arts, the group comes together with an artistic mind-set and a vision for a better world. The group has been prominent in the media as a cultural force as they transform their community with creativity. The pinnacle of each year for the group is headlining Culturefest World Music & Arts Festival, in the majestic Appalachian mountains, which they founded.

With three albums of original music, their newest release, "Choose The Music," is available now. It features 12 Original Songs spanning styles from newgrass to space-folk to alterna-rock world funk. No matter what you call it, it's good music.

Track List:
1. Many, Many listen
2. Pulse of the Universe listen
3. Come Away With Me listen
4. Raging River listen
5. SoulSong listen
6. O'er Space & Time listen
7. Road to Somewhere listen
8. Spark listen
9. Merry-Go-Round listen
10. Inspiration listen
11. Crackers-n-Cheese listen
12. We Can Be Free listen

Released in 2010

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