Option 22 - The Change CD

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"The Change" consists of 11 original songs ranging in style from Americana to Funk to New Age to World Rock.

The four piece combination of musicians are gifted with the ability to flow in improvisational creation of music, and each song on the album was written through that process. Regular listeners of Option 22 are used to being treated to sessions of impromptu music making. Some have described the feeling of transcendence as the air is filled with sweet melodies that seem to flow effortlessly through the musicians. They record the sessions and take the ideas that are born structuring them into song form, infusing them with powerful lyrics about life, love, and the need for change on the planet. The process is fascinating, says singer Lori McKinney. She says she has read about other musicians who have similar experiences with song writing. John Lennon said "When real music comes to me - the music of the spheres, the music that surpasses understanding - that has nothing to do with me, cause I'm just the channel. The only joy for me is for it to be given to me, and to transcribe it like a medium... those moments are what I live for." She says the music of Option 22 is like a gift they receive and pass on.

"The Change" was recorded at Audible Art Studios in The Room Upstairs, part of The RiffRaff Arts Collective in downtown Princeton, WV. The studio, Option 22 and other elements of the cooperative like Stages Music School are part of an ongoing creative revitalization effort on Mercer Street, a once depressed area that has been plagued by abandoned store fronts. The group has been hosting open stage nights, performing, recording, hosting arts parades and special events in the neighborhood since 2006, and momentum has begun to build for the renaissance. The group is also responsible for Culturefest World Music & Arts Festival, now in its 10th year, a weekend long, multicultural immersion in the creative arts held in September in Pipestem, WV. The music festival is the pinnacle of the creative year for Option 22.

Track List:
Some Say listen
The Change listen
She Called Me Home listen
What We Came Here For listen
Looking Out The Window listen
They Got It Comin' listen
No Fences listen
No Brain Drain listen
The Conundrum listen
Earth Plane Defector listen
Letting Go listen

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