Nucleus - Live From The Center CD

Live From The Center was recorded at Quixote's True Blue in Denver, CO, July 31, 2002. Nucleus' funky jazz sound has matured into an all-inclusive creation that draws from rock, jazz, fusion, and even exotic rhythms. They also sing now, giving them more concrete compositions from which to launch their starry jams!

1- Pintos 'n Amber
2- Two By Two
3- Mate
4- The Game
5- Sooner You Learn
6- Funston

"Boundless energy flows from the snapshot of one of the touringcircuits new dark horses...what begins fast and punchy gives way to wide-openspaces lit by fireflies and reverberating with fat drums that curve ontocrackling electric side roads." rest of the review at

    "These guys have the correct genetic code forfluid danceable chops, a keen awareness of musical diversity, and the knowledgeand skills to lay it all down that is accessible to your ears and fuel for yourfunk motor." rest of the review at

     "...Great show by a great band. Nucleuscontinues to improve and build their own unique sound and "Live From TheCenter" is an excellent example of this growth." rest of the review at