New Mastersounds - Out on the Faultline CD

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As their live shows continue to charm audiences in USA, Japan and Europe, The New Mastersounds have built on their own impressive musical heritage and produced a soulful, funk-drenched studio album, recorded in downtown San Francisco.The CD was co-produced by Eddie Roberts & Milton Davis, and features guest performances by the Jazz Mafia Horns and Papa Mali, as well as a smattering of tasteful vocal stylings from the band.

Track List:
1. You Mess Me Up listen
2. Way Out West listen
3. Yo Momma listen
4. Mission Creep listen
5. Ding-A-Ling listen
6. Welcome to NOLA listen
7. Summercamp listen
8. Redwood Jungle listen
9. Each to Their Own listen
10. Make Up Your Mind listen
11. Turncoat listen

Release date 11.06.2012