My Morning Jacket - Z CD

This Kentucky band has music fans and critics searching for an easy way to define their sound, and it's just not possible. With the endless comparisons to everyone from Radiohead to Lynyrd Skynyrd, it's great to hear this album bust through the wordplay. MMJ has created one of the defining albums of this music-strewn decade, simply by doing what comes naturally. Never strained or posed, there's a singular quality to Z that leaves behind the country-ish stomp that barely defined their last album. There's a forest of adjectives waiting to take a stab at this one - dreamy atmospheres give way to ballistic rockers, and back again - but MMJ do their best to leave the listener speechless. The only problem with this album is that it eventually ends.

1- Wordless Chorus mp3
2- It Beats 4 U mp3
3- Gideon mp3
4- What A Wonderful Man mp3
5- Off The Record mp3
6- Into The Woods mp3
7- Anytime mp3
8- Lay Low mp3
9- Knot Comes Loose mp3
10- Dondante mp3

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