My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves CD

This is as good as rock gets. Soaring, elegiac dimestore hymns nuzzle up against a horny rumble that the Stones left behind when they stopped hanging out on Main Street. Pitch perfect and brilliantly paced, It Still Moves shimmers with a greatness you don't have to wait to discover. It's there on the first listen. Awash in dreamy reverb, much of it is hold-your-breath beautiful (I Will Sing You Songs"). Lyrically it strives hard against specificity yet still manages to ooze real passion. While I'm not exactly sure what kind of garment a 'Morning Jacket' might be, thematically it's a one-size-fits-all deal, able to tap into our secret desires and pre-dawn musing. "Run Thru" may have the best opening line I've heard all year and a tail section that evokes the swirling gigantism of shoegazers like Slowdive or My Bloody Valentine. Elsewhere they echo a Sun Studios act working ballads like proper Wichita Linemen ("Golden"). There's a fragment of a lot of groups floating in this stream yet none of it feels forced or pilfered. They simply share a similar brilliance with heavyweights like Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Big Star. Yes, Virginia, they're that bloody good." - Dennis Cook,

1- Mahgeetah mp3
2- Dancefloors mp3
3- Golden mp3
4- Masterplan mp3
5- One Big Holiday mp3
6- I Will Sing You Songs mp3
7- Easy Morning Rebel mp3
8- Run Thru mp3
9- Rollin Back mp3
10- Just One Thing mp3
11- Steam Engine mp3
12- One In The Same mp3