My Morning Jacket - Tennessee Fire CD

The debut from this ever-evolving Kentucky band conveys the lonesome alt-country vibe that pervaded their early work. Low-fi and low-key, Tennessee Fire has a haunting, beautiful quality that owes much to the band's influences shining through and the reverb-drenched recording. On this album, MMJ find a nice spot between dreariness and hopefulness, and the finished product is a true conversation piece.

1. Heartbreakin Man mp3
2. They Ran mp3
3. The Bear mp3
4. Nashville To Kentucky mp3
5. Old Sept Blues mp3
6. If All Else Fails mp3
7. It's All About Twilight Now mp3
8. Evelyn Is Not Real mp3
9. War Begun mp3
10. Picture Of You mp3
11. I Will Be There When You Die mp3
12. The Dark mp3
13. By My Car mp3
14. Butch Cassidy mp3
15. I Think I'm Going To Hell mp3
16. Unknown

Released May 1999