mood food - Human Zoo CD

mood food's second album is evidence of the growth and evolution of the band from its raw jazz roots to the more refined sound evident on this disc. Shades of Greyboy Allstars, Sun Ra, and Miles Davis, along with more contemporary influences, form to create a sound that is thought-provoking and satisfying. Intricately layered compostions over a raw, pounding groove! Two sax players (who double on keys and guitar), bass, guitar, vocals, percussion, effects/samples, and drums create the madness!

1- Eighteen Seconds
2- Larry Palmetto's Beach Holiday
3- Spies
4- You're Going Down Mr. Colorado
5- Alien And The Walk Of George Jefferson
6- Jumble
7- Stuck In Detroit
8- Mr. Sensitivity
9- Underwater...
10- So One

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