mood food - Self-Titled CD

Mitch Marcus is very much like John Coltrane, and playing with him is as close as I'll probably ever get to playing with John Coltrane. -Vince Welnick (featured on two tracks on this CD!)

When asked to describe the general direction of the band, Tom Lattanand responded: "We aim to envelop our listeners with a pure blend of electric jazz, a deep groove, and some alien vibration." An organic experience, mood food's live shows have brought their audience to a frenzy of swirling dancing so expressive and enveloping that the crowd cries for more, even after being exhausted by the music's pure energy.

"Mood Food is on fire. The San Francisco and Berkeley-based sextet has managed to create a sound that is first and foremost jazz, but grooves all over the place, too. In other words it's a jazz that encourages dancing, yet it's also an exploratory jazz that never comes even close to being thought of as mere fusion. The sound and energy found on their self-titled, debut CD, is wonderful, and they most certainly bring out the best in Vince Welnick, too." - da Flower Punk

mood food has held a steady presence in the Bay Area scene while continually heading out to tour other cities.

Vince Welnick, formerly of the Grateful Dead and the Tubes, contributes on keyboards to two of the tracks. The album proves to fans and critics alike that the music which is pumped into their souls at every live show can be captured and tamed into a well-thought musical moment. The group promises to continue to push the envelope of musical boundaries, stretching the expectations of its audience.

Tom Lattanand- guitar, vocals
Mitch Marcus- tenor saxophone, Fender Rhodes electric piano
Sylvain Carton- alto and soprano saxophone, guitar, flute
Charlie Hall- drums
Andrew McIntyre- bass
John Merrill- percussion, didgeridoo, toys

Track List:
1- The Antipasto
2- Forest Hills Desert
3- Field Trip
4- Tank
5- Elastic Intention
6- Reception
7- Currents
8- Broken String
9- Cosmic OJ

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