Maggi, Pierce and EJ - White CD

Maggi, Pierce And E.J. live in a time capsule. Three pilots and a dog. They leave pieces of their lives in lines of songs. They share their music with fans in the U.S, U.K. and Europe playing at colleges, festivals, listening rooms and clubs. Their live show is fiery, spontaneous and unforgettable. Their diverse mix of music borrows from many familiar sources, but combines into such a unique blend that can only be described as fabulous, freaky, frothy and fantastic!

Perfect Day mp3
Achy Feet mp3
Cowchopping mp3
Won't Happen Twice mp3
Nothing At All mp3
Mizery mp3
Don't Mistake Love mp3
50 Miles - Outside NY mp3
Third Floor
Don't Go Away
Walk Away - Don't
G-Rain Song
69 and Sunny
Terminal D
What's the Point?
Always Say Goodbye
Feb. 29th - Ian

Released 1995