Maggi, Pierce and EJ - For CD

The sound and message of this record twists itself in knots, becoming playfully complicated one moment and spiritually stark the next. Everything from anger to plaintive balladry comes to fruition and the result is a record that would make it's honoree, Jeff Buckley, proud that he was able to touch his fans so deeply.

"Here the wooden guitars laugh with the Latin percussion while the voices of boys and girls intertwine like vines around the slender melodies. The the guitars, now clearly more severe and complicated, blow psychedelic black clouds over these pastoral vignettes. It is by this succession of extreme emotions that the trio, without ever mentioning it, achieves the most relevant hommage to Buckley." - Les Inrockuples Magazine

(a.k.a. "The Blue Album")

Ferdinand mp3
Burning the Sun mp3
Space mp3
JBird mp3
Open Spaces mp3
Behind a Dream mp3
All Things mp3
Not Hurting mp3
What the Heck
This Year's Obsession

Released 2000