Juggling Suns - Steppin Off A Star CD

Juggling Suns' unique style of cosmic dance music has been astoundingaudiences from New Jersey to Japan for some six years now. The group's roots extendback to the pre-jamband days of the mid-80's, when guitarist Mark Diomedeformed the band Solar Circus. Originally a Grateful Dead cover band, they evolvedinto one of the most sought after original bands along the Jersey Shore. Over thecourse of 10 years and several lineup changes, they would release five albums onRelix Records, be featured on several compilations, and tour nationally -sharing the stage with everyone from Tom Constanten to Bruce Springsteen. Originallyformed as a side project during the waning days of Solar Circus, Juggling Sunsbrought together Diomede and Solar bassist Kevin Kopack, Gus Vigo (formerly ofWorld Within), and original Solar Circus drummer Brad Hall. Their weekly gigs atCass's Cafe in Freehold, NJ were so successful that when Solar Circusdissolved, Diomede and Kopack decided to focus all their energy on their new project.A mercurial lineup was eventually solidified when drummer Casey LaPerle(Everyday People) and rhythm guitarist Robert "Tank" Eveleigh (The Whirlies) came tothe fold in early 1997. 2001 brought a major overhaul to Juggling Suns' rhythm section, greetedwith affection by Jug-heads everywhere. Solar Circus alumnus Bruce Wigdorjoined the band on bass, while Ivan Funk (late of Philadelphia's SplinteredSunlight) took over percussion duties. A new fire was lit under the Suns,and the resulting energy translated into the album Steppin' Off A Star.Released this past April, the eleven song work captures in the studio thematuration of a road tested band. With the new CD and a rabid northeast fanbase, the Suns greet the Summer of 2002 poised to bring their cosmic dancemusic to the masses once again.

1- Sedona
2- Jungle In My Heart
3- Forbidden Fruit
4- Tolltaker
5- Crimson
6- Shelter
7- Steppin Off A Star
8- Calling
9- When Everyone Knows
10- Son
11- 008