Juggling Suns - Tranzmutation CD

On this outing, their best live performance CD yet, the Suns have interlocked a handful of moments within their sets where traditional song structure catapults into inspirational, mind-expanding jam, and they've created a whole much, much greater than the sum of its parts. Everything that makes this band special and unique is here to behold in bright, impressionistic colors. Kudos to the person(s) who came up with the title Tranzmutation, as it's perfectly stated. The killer, funky rhythm section of Ken Kruise (bass) and Andrew Lenaghan (drums), along with underrated rhythm guitarist Tim Morris, create a solid, yet flexible foundation for Mark Diomede's lead guitar virtuosity and Gus Vigo's keyboard watercolors. The listener is treated to 40 plus minutes of continuous instrumental magic sandwiched (think the white, creamy center of an Oreo cookie) between rock-solid, concise songs, with a couple surprises thrown in for good measure.

1- Schwagtown USA mp3
2- The Ringing mp3
3- Droplets mp3
4- Ashtones mp3
5- Droplets Reprise mp3
6- Roadie's Revenge mp3
7- Swamp Gas Revisited mp3
8- Wicked History mp3
9- Arthur's Pipe mp3
10- Crushing mp3

Released August 1, 2006