Josh Dion Band - Give Love CD

Give Love may be a big sounding CD, but it's an indie recording to the core. Josh Dion (ulu) was given an opportunity to make the record inside his head without being bothered with expectations of airplay, target demographics or the industry in general. The result is a fully formed funky meditation on life, love, personal freedom, commitment and responsibility in the world. But you might just like it because it hits you like nothing you've heard lately.

Legendary bass player Will Lee offers this appraisal: "Josh is the hottest new drummer there is. His excitement level, mixed with his ability to keep the groove going, makes him a bright star in the musical universe. As a performer, I dare to say he's practically the Keith Moon of today. Oh wait - there's more - he sings!"

Rounding out the sound that is the Josh Dion Band is bass player Brian Killeen, a former bandmate in the NYC funk band ulu. Most of the guitar work on "Give Love" belongs to 24 year old Dan Hindman, co-writer of the showstopper "Birdwalker." The main keyboard duties are the province of Pat Firth, who co-wrote audience favorite "Movin' On." The backing vocals feature the talents of a number of people, but Sarah Versprille, who continues as a member of the band, and Justin Wade are the main backing voices.

1- Child's Mind mp3
2- Give Love mp3
3- Make Her My Girl mp3
4- Movin' On mp3
5- Lonely One mp3
6- Birdwalker mp3
7- Bedroom Eyes mp3
8- Almost mp3
9- Ugly mp3
10- Indecision
11- Breathe
12- Love And Sacrifice
13- Mercy's End


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