Josh Dion Band - Live! CD

You've got to see them live! There was a time when many a band who relied on the reputation of its live show has looked to doing a live album to fill in the blanks with the public. In the classic rock era, it even made some careers break wide open, like The Allman Brothers Band and Humble Pie. The critical reaction to the Josh Dion Band's Live! seems to indicate that there is a large audience out there dissatisfied with what they hear from the mainstream music business who have found kindred spirits in this band from NYC who play like their lives depend on it. Northeast in-Tune put it this way: "They spill their souls for you every time they play." Drum magazine described the JDB as "A drummer-led jam band that isn't afraid to work up a sweat. Or sling it around. Bring a towel."

Live! is still unable to supply the onstage explosion of visual energy that is evident at every JDB performance. No, as you listen to this CD, you simply have to remind yourself that the soulful lead vocals are coming from Josh Dion while all the time he is also pounding out the sometimes complex, occasionally sensitive, always musical thunder drums. No matter what you've seen, you've never seen anything quite like this as Josh Dion sings, laughs, calls out improvised changes and jumps up and down while, all the time, laying down the groove for the world. As Relix magazine saw it, "It only takes one song to realize that vocalist/drummer Josh Dion was born for the stage. Flanked by five friends and fellow jazz students from New Jersey's William Paterson University, and owning a genuinely slackjawing command of '70s funk -- especially for a white boy -- Dion sweatily bashes his tom toms and cymbals with boundless soul at center stage, channeling the spirit of Earth, Wind and Fire and The Gap Band. To be certain, it's a sight to behold."

1- Give Love mp3
2- Take The Time mp3
3- Movin' On mp3
4- Boogie On Reggae Woman mp3
5- Make Her My Girl mp3
6- Let's Do It Again mp3
7- Ugly mp3
8- Bedroom Eyes mp3
9- Back Again
10- Stop Pretending
11- Birdwalker

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