Johnny Neel - Gun Metal Blue CD

This veteran musician pulls no punches on this raw, bluesy album! With an army of accompaniment, Neel grooves and groans his way through 11 songs that were never intended to see the light of day. Thankfully for us, these sessions were recorded and Neel offers them up!

"It's funky, it's smooth, it's a different shade of blue, it's my turn to groove." - Johnny Neel

1- Cross My Mind mp3
2- Sure As The Day is Long mp3
3- Not This Time mp3
4- I Found It mp3
5- You Wouldn't Know It Now mp3
6- Love Ain't A Bad Place mp3
7- Carolina mp3
8- My Little Feel Good mp3
9- Gun Metal Blue mp3
10- Strange Way mp3
11- It's My Turn mp3