Joe Craven & the Sometimers - Garcia Songbook CD


"Joe Craven brightens any stage he sets foot on, with his deep musicality and warm, impish demeanor. Garcia Songbook is a brilliant collection of fresh takes on songs he picked up from Jerry Garcia's wildly diverse songbook. These aren't just glib genre-blending exercises: each track offers an enlightening and engaging new approach. I've been hooked since my first listen, and every spin yields new treasures."  - David Gans, musician, author and radio host

WHAT IT IS: Imagine music covered, written and/or sung by Grateful Dead patriarch Jerry Garcia in a fresh bouquet of interpretation; "Franklin's Tower" with a funk filled Cajun two-step... "Scarlet Begonias" as a Cuban-Son-meets-Carlos Santana rocker... Irving Berlin with a Dobro in Russia... "Shady Grove" with a moody, slightly noir twist... "Gomorrah" with guitar slingers from a spaghetti western ridin' a dusty 2 beat trail with fiddle & bongos... Garcia Songbook is this... and much more in this tribute Joe & Co. pay to a man Joe recorded and performed with in the early 90s and his influence on all The Sometimers.

ABOUT JOE; Joe Craven, 30 + years in the biz, has recorded & performed with Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Alison Brown and Rob Ickes + swapped licks with folks from David Lindley & Howard Levy, to Stephane Grappelli & Roy Rogers.

MUSICAL STYLES:  Rockin' Roots, Altered Americana, Twisted Twang & Whirled Music

PERSONNEL: Joe Craven (mandolin, fiddle, percussion / vocals), Bruce MacMillan (guitars, Dobro / vocals), Barry Eldridge (drums), Jonathan Stoyanoff (bass / vocals) & Hattie Craven (harmony vocals)


  1. Franklin's Tower 8:06 listen
  2. Crazy Fingers 7:26 listen
  3. Russian Lullaby 6:00 listen
  4. Help On The Way > Slipknot > 9:25 listen
  5. China Doll 6:32 listen
  6. Shady Grove  6:55 listen
  7. I Know You Rider 4:57 listen
  8. Gomorrah 5:43 listen
  9. Scarlet Begonias  6:47 listen
  10. Friend of the Devil 8:52 listen

Release date 06.01.2018

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