Jatoba - Death, Fire & Picnic Tables CD

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This debut album from Vermont's hottest groove-grass band is a smorgasbord of genres. Featuring the best of acoustic and electric music, these 10 tracks deliver ripping guitar leads and gritty vocal harmonies over punchy rhythmic improvisation, beat-boxing, and high-energy bluegrass tempos.

Jatoba is a Vermont-based acoustic trio with a distinctly unique sound. Their music consists of quick, high-energy bluegrass tempos, thumping rockabilly bass lines, and soaring three-part vocal harmonies, as well as punchy rhythmic improvisation, effects-driven guitar solos, beat-boxing, and even the occasional sitar interlude. The band delivers a live show which encompasses all of these aspects, as well as improvisatory jams, seamless flow, and effective crowd interaction. A rebellious response to typical jam grass, Jatoba has something that listeners of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy.

Track List:
1. Andy's Song listen
2. Dave's Painting listen
3. The Dusty Road listen
4. Closure listen
5. Mind Climbed Dream listen
6. U&I listen
7. Midnight to Morning listen
8. World Goes By listen
9. Time Between listen
10. You Freak Me Out listen

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