James McMurtry - Saint Mary of the Woods CD

1. Dry River 5:02 mp3 sample
2. Valley Road 4:45 mp3 sample
3. Saint Mary Of The Woods 6:14 mp3 sample
4. Out Here In The Middle 4:21 mp3 sample
5. Lobo Town 5:44 mp3 sample
6. Broken Bed 4:55 mp3 sample
7. Red Dress 4:59 mp3 sample
8. Gulf Road 4:31 mp3 sample
9. Gone To The Y 3:45
10. Choctaw Bingo 8:33

Released Sept 2002

After the more laid-back excursion of Walk Between the Raindrops, James McMurtry returns to the more raucous sound of his debut on this disc. Aided by the electric guitars of Stephen Bruton, David Grissom, and McMurtry himself, Saint Mary of the Woods rocks as much as it "folks." The talent for vividly painted, finely honed observations of rural life and interactive hearts that he inherited from his father (Larry, the novelist) has been augmented here by some diverse musical influences. "Lobo Town" borrows from Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love," while the rhythm of his "Choctaw Bingo" lyrics can trace a direct lineage to Chuck Berry's "Maybellene." McMurtry also covers a Dave Alvin tune ("Dry River") and enlists composing help from bandmates and engineers. Rather than add up to a writer having creative problems, it appears here more like an egoless acceptance of inspiration where he finds it. It works. Saint Mary of the Woods is a fine addition to a first-rate catalog by a consistently excellent artist.