James McMurtry - Childish Things CD

Within the song cycle of innocence and experience that is Childish Things, James McMurtry continues to explore musical territory between rock and a hard place. The social commentary of the relentlessly bleak "We Can't Make It Here" and "Six-Year Drought" is more pointed than ever, while the arrangements throughout are as taut, muscular and slap-in-the-face direct as the songs. While the opening "See the Elephant," the title cut, and "Memorial Day" evoke a younger person's sense of wonder, the mortal lessons have plainly taken their toll by the closing "Holiday." Along the way, highlights range from the accordion-laced yearning of "Charlemagne's Home Town" to the Chuck Berry-style, guitar-driven rock of "The Old Part of Town" to a stirring duet with Joe Ely on "Old Slew Foot." With his terse, cut-to-the-bone artistry, McMurtry never wastes a word or a note.

1. See The Elephant 4:23 mp3
2. Childish Things 4:34 mp3
3. We Can't Make It Here 7:05 mp3
4. Slew Foot (Featuring Joe Ely) 4:34 mp3
5. Bad Enough 4:18 mp3
6. Restless 3:53 mp3
7. Memorial Day 4:16 mp3
8. Six Year Drought 5:12 mp3
9. Old Part Of Town 5:17
10. Charlemagne's Home Town 5:52
11. Pocatello 3:02
12. Holiday 6:36

Released 2005