Jake Clayton's Barnyard Stomp CD

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12 genre-bending Instrumental songs that combine a mixture of Country, Bluegrass, Rock, and beyond! Largely uptempo, great for ALL ages, and perfect for the Friday Night Barn Party or the Sunday drive! 'Barnyard Stomp' not only showcases Jake Clayton's knack for merging traditional music with modern sounds, but it also spotlights Jake's unique abilities on multiple instruments. On this album, Jake played everything except drums and 2 guitar tracks! Guest musicians include Rob Daniels: guitarist and Barnyard Stomp producer, Troy Luccketta: drummer from the multi-platinum rock band 'TESLA', and Jack Gavin: one of Nashville's finest drummers!

Track list:
1. Barnyard Stomp listen
2. Kickin' Up Dust listen
3. Finger Pickin' Good listen
4. Dia's Hoedown listen
5. Clovershire listen
6. Get 'Em Boyz listen
7. Love Notes & Lullabies listen
8. Catch 22 listen
9. Close Encounters (of the 4/4 kind) listen
10. Drunken Matador listen
11. Rock Slide listen
12. Lights Out listen