Jake Clayton - By the Light of the Moon CD


Multi-Instrumentalist Jake Clayton is back and this time he brought the vocals with him! The new Jake Clayton album features 10 songs of mostly alt-Country music that mixes hard rockin’ twangy guitars & energetic drumming with an array of some of Country music’s favorite Instruments. All topped off with Jake’s precision vocal approach and 3-part harmonies. The result is a unique, modern mix of old school and contemporary Country Music with dashes of melodic hooks, a pinch of rock attitude, a touch of bluegrass, and a hint of metal. CD includes a 12 page booklet.

Track List:

  1. By The Light of the Moon listen
  2. What Not to Do listen
  3. To the Rescue listen
  4. Down With That listen
  5. Old Red Barn listen
  6. Sleepin' With the Devil listen
  7. Hay! listen
  8. I'm Gone listen
  9. Life listen
  10. Unwound listen

Release date 12.09.2014

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