Jackie Greene - American Myth CD

American Myth features multi-instrumentalist Greene on vocals, guitars, dobro, piano, harmonica, and percussion. He is also joined by a top-notch band of Pete Thomas (drums, percussion, trash can), Davey Faragher (vocals, bass)(both of whom are members of Elvis Costello's longtime group The Imposters), and Val McCallum (vocals, guitars, banjo, slide guitar, baritone). Steve Berlin also contributes with turns on mellotron, vibes, and percussion, and the whole group is joined by a number of guest musicians including a slamming horn section on four of the album's tracks.

From the swamp-like feel of the anthemic opener "Hollywood," the record rolls right into the rollicking "So Hard to Find My Way." Greene shows off his range by cranking it up on the in-your-face "I'm So Gone" and the heartland rock of "Farewell, So Long, Goodbye" and dialing it back on the album's meditative "Love Song 2 a.m." and the wistful "Never Satisfied." Greene's inspired songwriting, mastery of wordplay, and flawless composition technique are showcased throughout American Myth. Nowhere is that more evident than on the exquisite "Supersede," a catchy, melodic epic. Other standout tunes on the album include the powerful blues-soaked rocker "Cold Black Devil/14 Miles" and the plaintive "When You're Walking Away."

1. (Intro) mp3
2. Hollywood mp3
3. So Hard To Find My Way mp3
4. Just As Well mp3
5. Cold Black Devil/14 Miles mp3
6. Never Satisfied mp3
7. Love Song; 2:00 AM mp3
8. When You're Walking Away mp3
9. I'm So Gone
10. Closer To You
11. I'll Let You In
12. Farewell, So Long, Goodbye
13. Supersede
14. Marigold

Released March 2006