Ifdakar - On the Edge CD

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Ifdakar's pursuit of musical growth and experimental improvisation create an experience not to be forgotten. Hailing from Appleton, Wisconsin, this six-piece band has garnered recognition from their live performances where the band channels elements of psychedelic rock, funk, jazz, and electronica.

From songs that are tragic, to songs that transcend, Ifdakar showcases an array of improvisational jamming and elaborately structured pieces that are steeped in influences such as Phish, Lotus, Pink Floyd, STS9, and others. This spectrum allows for dense musical freedom, to tension-and-release madness.

Track List:
1. Aqwa listen
2. Drive listen
3. Leo listen
4. Healin listen
5. A Wood Divided listen
6. The Rhythm listen
7. Kool Aid Man listen
8. Eyes listen
9. Time listen
10. Larry the Emu listen

Release date 05.4.2010