Hypnotic Clambake - Mayonnaise CD

Clambake whips up an eggy mixture of their trademark zaniness and zydeco-flavored groove on this 2005 release! However the wild, hair-raising attitude that permeates their previous work is broken up with more somber, moody songs here and there. For example, there's dread in the lyrics of "Trouble," but measured whimsy in the silly "Beans." "Danger Mouse" is an entirely unexpected surprise, while "Woe Is Me" exudes classic Clambake. These varying emotions find a home in the eclectic musical backdrop that the band provides with everything from trombone to accordion to clarinet to electronic samples. This album is as diverse as the beloved condiment that is was named for.

1- 500 Robots mp3
2- Trouble mp3
3- Psychedelic Polka mp3
4- Beans mp3
5- Windows mp3
6- Man With The Face On The Side mp3
7- The Scheme Of Things mp3
8- Turn Your Brain Off mp3
9- Danger Mouse mp3
10- Just A Mountain mp3
11- Woe Is Me mp3
12- Clambake mp3