Hypnotic Clambake - Frozen Live CD

Hypnotic Clambake, originally from Boston, play the world's only caffienated cajun-klezmified trans-atlantic rockin' polka music. Touring both in the USA and Canada, the band has performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Winnipeg Folkfest and Milwaukee's Summerfest. Presently, they are touring the eastern, western and southern regions of North America. Their music embraces many different styles which include: funky cajun, klezmer punk, smokin' old-time music, exotic Bulgarian blues, square dance gospel and zydeco cha-cha's. For the average listener, Hypnotic Clambake makes quite a few sharp turns. So, buckle up, relax and drive the back roads while enjoying "The Bake".

Track List:
Smokin' Joe Clark
Zyde Coo Coo
Ant Man
Pork Brains
Tie Dye
Q's Impersonation
Freedom Jazz Dance
Dan Tucker revived
Black Wedding
Raw Hide
421 Breakdown
Niagara Falls