Hosty Duo - Golden Country Hits CD

From the Red Dirt State of Oklahoma, local small town boys made good, the Hosty Duo release a compilation of not only Country but Western, Hawaiian cowboy tunes, demented Woody Guthrie Folk songs about catfish, Eastwood Western Theme Songs, Tex-Mex and good 'ol fashioned scrubbn' the sink, washboard, back porch boogies. 200 dates a year and the Only Two Piece Country Western Jam-Band out there. Hosty on bass, vocals and guitar and Tic Tac on the Drums round out a fine outfit of boys.

1- Guitar-O mp3
2- Cleveland County Cage mp3
3- Wrote You A Letter mp3
4- Save Some Love mp3
5- Truck Stop Shower Stall mp3
6- Johnny Cash mp3
7- Applesauce mp3
8- Molokai Cowboy mp3
9- The General mp3
10- The General II mp3
11- Que Haya mp3
12- Gunfighter mp3
13- Destination Hawaii mp3
14- Tiki Lounge mp3

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