Hosty Duo CD

This new studio CD has been 3 years in the making for erstwhile guitarist Mike Hosty and his crack gang of rockers! This album sounds like what might happen if Frank Zappa had come along before the Delta Blues. Manic slide guitar, robust bass, and plenty of percussion give Hosty's music a modern old-school feeling.

1- Cryn Won't Help You mp3
2- Married Man mp3
3- Not You mp3
4- Give Me Some mp3
5- Loving You mp3
6- Oklahoma Breakdown mp3
7- The Circus Is Coming, Coming, Coming mp3
8- Fried Pie mp3
9- The Only Thing mp3
10- Fraidy Hole mp3
11- Country Boy mp3
12- Big Jack mp3
13- In The Future All Music Will be Made By Robots mp3
14- Flamingo mp3
15- Cute Little Boat mp3
16- Dirty Girl mp3
17- Let's Get Tall mp3
18- The Ballad Of Ol Blue mp3