Groundtruther (Charlie Hunter & Bobby Previte) with John Medeski - Altitude (2 CDs)


Charlie Hunter and Bobby Previte as Groundtruther, now with special guest John Medeski, conclude their trilogy of recordings with Altitude. Renowned keyboardist Medeski, of the famed trio Medeski Martin & Wood, augments the team with his extended palette and knowledge of both acoustic and electronic textures and atmospheres. Altitude takes on a new twist in the legacy of these unique collaborations, as two CDs are individually devoted to acoustic and electric performances. Upon listening, these recordings prove themselves to be equal parts haunting, exuberant and driving, and serve as the perfect concluding chapter for the Groundtruther trilogy.

Disc 1:
1. Taipei 101 mp3
2. Pyramid of Giza mp3
3. Everest mp3
4. Seoul Tower mp3
5. Kingda Ka mp3
6. Warsaw Radio Mast mp3
7. Empire State mp3

Disc 2:
1. Three Haiku's- Death Valley- Salt Lake - Dead Sea
2. Submarine Canyon
3. Subduction Zone
4. Evaporites
5. Forearc
6. Cold Seep
7. Downwelling
8. Decollement
9. Sea Floor Spreading Hypothesis
10. Turbidite
11. Bathymetric Expression
12. Tectonic Revolution
13. Mariana Trench
14. Challenger Deep

Released Sept. 25, 2007