Green Light - Live At The Knitting Factory NYC CD

Instrumental trio Green Light is drummer Adam Snow, bassist Dustin Hofsess, and guitarist Kevin Gill. This Charlotte, NC band materializes from many different musical locations. As a result, the Green Light audience is made up of an interesting variety of people - jazzers and rockers, the folky and the funky, hippies and computer programmers, the drunk and the devout - each of whom finds something about Green Light's music that draws them into the swirling vortex of energy that this band creates. Recorded over two gigs at the Knitting Factory in NYC, this CD does well to communicate the intense, improvisational firestorm that is a Green Light show!

1- Some Intriguing Thing Beautiful mp3
2- Sweet or Unsweet mp3
3- Love Will Sanctify The Devil's Stomping Ground mp3
4- In The Womb mp3
5- Surfing Outside Myself mp3
6- Falling Into Place mp3
7- The Wind, The Snow, The Water mp3
8- 7th Street Strut mp3

Released March 2007