Gov't Mule - Live At Roseland CD

Gov't Mule's first live album is back after being out of print for almost 10 years! Recorded on New Year's Eve 1995 at the famed NYC venue, Live At Roseland Ballroom features the Mule's founding lineup - Warren Haynes, Matt Abts, and Allen Woody. While the Mule continues to ride into the new millenium, there's nothing quite like the sheer power of the original trio captured here! More than 10 years removed from the show, any doubt that Live At Roseland is an essenitial classic will be erased when you lay your ears on this revitalized album.

1. Trane 16:34
2. Temporary Saint 5:51
3. Painted Silver Light 7:11
4. Don't Step on the Grass, Sam 8:06
5. Kind of Bird 9:45
6. Mule 8:57
7. Voodoo Chile (from Oct. 19, 2001) 15:35

Released originally in 1996; re-released 5/1/07