Gov't Mule - Life Before Insanity & Dose (2 CDs)

2 CD set containing a pair of albums from the American Rock trio: Dose (1998) and Life Before Insanity (2000). The rise in the fortunes of Gov't Mule, led by guitarist Warren Haynes, is well known and they have fast become one of the leading exponents in the U.S. Jam Band scene.

1. Wandering Child
2. Life Before Insanity
3. Bad Little Doggie
4. Lay Your Burden Down
5. Fallen Down
6. World Gone Wild
7. Tastes Like Wine
8. I Think You Know What I Mean
9. Far Away
10. No Need To Suffer
11. In My Life

1. Blind Man in the Dark
2. Thorazine Shuffle
3. Thelonius Beck
4. Game Face
5. Towering Fool
6. Birth of the Mule
7. John the Revelator
8. She Said, She Said
9. Larger than Life
10. Raven Black Night
11. I Shall Return

Release date 06.08.2010