Gnappy - ...Is This A Machine?

GNAPPY stunned critics with their debut CD in 2001 - ending the year on many top-ten lists and garnering airplay on over 100 college radio stations across the country. The group gained additional ground when a one-week stint as "Featured Artist" on Internet giant Napster turned into a 4-week extended stay due to listener demand - longer than any other artist, including Prince. In all, it was an impressive debut year by one of the most interesting groups to emerge from Texas in years. Two years later, the group is back with a second CD, the aptly titled Is This A Machine?, set for national release on Bean Pie Records on September 9, 2003. Meticulously constructed, intricately arranged, yet performed with an almost reckless rock-and-roll abandon, Is This A Machine? picks up where GNAPPY's critically acclaimed first album left off. From the party vibe of "Best Not Funk Around," to the 70's cop-show angst of "Ice You In The Alley," to the self-confident 3/4 deconstruction of Black Sabbath's "N.I.B.," this is alternative jazz for those who like it loud and furious. Fasten your seat belt. Grab a helmet. This IS a machine.

1- Best Not Funk Around
2- News Flash
3- Rice Funk
4- Alien Propaganda
5- Babushka
6- Ice You In The Alley Intro
7- Ice You In The Alley
8- Real Deal Holyfield
9- Minty Fresh
10- Gracias Pepe
11- Paul's New Suit
12- N.I.B.
13- The Bone