Garage A Trois - Power Patriot CD

Garage A Trois is a collaboration between four of the most visionary improvisers of the time: Skerik on saxophones, Mike Dillon on vibes, Marco Benevento on keyboards and Stanton Moore on drums. And while improvisation is at the heart of what this quartet has built its reputation on at their legendary New Orleans Jazzfest sets and rare, but in demand, club tours, it's the intricate sonic collages, tightly orchestrated arrangements and positively modern approach to instrumental songwriting that's at the heart of their latest album, Power Patriot.

Track List:
1. Rescue Spreaders listen
2. Fragile listen
3. Dory's Day Out listen
4. Electric Doorbell Machine listen
5. Power Patriot listen
6. Dugout listen
7. Fat Redneck Gangster listen
8. Purgatory listen
9. Germs listen
10. Computer Crimes listen

Release date 10.27.2009